My  Amazing Recovery

From Death to  Life


 By Roy Markose

It was an autumn evening. The sky was clear and the leaves gray. The wind was blowing strongly making leaves fall by the thousands. The chill air was quite disturbing. Along with many members of my church, I was at the house of a friend. He was bereaved. He had lost his mother. We had assembled to hold a condolence prayer service. It was a Saturday evening, the 10th of August 1991-10:00 pm when the group decided to leave. I left in my car and drove westbound after entering onto the i-96 freeway in Detroit, Michigan. I had to travel over 25 miles to reach my residence. I was driving at about the maximum speed limit.

I was almost near my home. The traffic was light. As I cruised along, I saw a truck ahead of me in the same right lane that I was traveling. I thought it was moving forward and I continued to drive at the same speed. By the time I realized that the truck was not moving, it was too late for me to swerve out of the lane. My car crashed into the rear end of the truck. The impact was so severe that my car crumbled and folded under the truck. I was tossed about by the impact and my body strained against the seat belt, it cut into my body like a knife. The injuries were multiple and had very serious internal bleeding. I felt as if I was taking my last few breaths of life.

God in His mercy sent a police officer to my car within minutes. The emergency medical team arrived without delay and took me to Grace Hospital in Detroit, which was nearby. I was very fortunate to get the very last trauma bed available at the time. If there had not been a trauma bed available,

It would have taken more than half an hour to transfer me to another hospital where a trauma bed was available. The attending doctors believed that this would have been critical as I may not have reached the hospital alive. Doctors found that my lungs had been ruptured by the broken ribs and my liver was severely ruptured in three places.

My Hopeless Condition:

The extreme blood loss contributed to my critical condition, the doctors decided to perform surgery immediately. It was surprising to the doctors that I regained consciousness for a few moments to mumble my brother’s telephone number to them. I am sure it was God who had stirred my consciousness so that my brother, a true believer, in God’s power to do miracles, could enlist the help of fellow believers to pray for my recovery. Immediately after mentioning the telephone number, I lapsed into a coma. As I slipped into unconsciousness, I had the feeling that I was leaving this world forever.

The profuse bleeding from my wounds continued and even with the best efforts of the doctors, the bleeding did not stop. After four hours of struggle they were unable to stop the bleeding and hence they gave up. One of the doctors informed my brother of this shocking news: “We are helpless; there is nothing else that we can do. There is no chance of survival.” It was very saddening and distressing to my dear ones.

Hearing of my tragedy, a group of people including a Pentecostal Pastor, friends and relatives gathered in the hospital waiting room. Tearfully they cried out to God for mercy and healing. While the prayers continued, I was slipping fast as my blood continued to drain from my body. At about 5:00 am God performed a miracle. The bleeding stopped without any aid from medicine or doctors. The doctors were truly amazed. Despite the

Stanching of the bleeding, I remained in very critical condition. Within hours my body began to swell.

The inflammation of my internal organs compelled the doctors to leave me open for three days. I was attached to various life supporting systems for breathing and medicines. Following the surgery on the third day to seal my ruptured organs, I went into a deeper coma which lasted for 55 days. This made my survival more uncertain than before e. During this time period, my hospital visiting room became a prayer cell. Christian friends both in USA and in India were earnestly praying for my healing. As the days went by, doctors believed that I could die at any moment.

Hell is Real l

While I was in a coma, I was seeing visions of my funeral and the horrible condition of the place to which I was being led after death. I saw people suffering and groaning in that place. I understood that it was none other than hell, of which I had heard so much when I was alive.

I saw the funeral preparations being made according to the religious customs and practices of the church. I saw that all my vital links to this life world were broken except for a tiny last one. In my dreams I cried out to those trying to bury me “please do not bury me, I am still alive.” I continued to see such horrible visions again and again. After 56 days in the Intensive care unit, doctors found hope for my recovery.

All I can say now is that God in His infinite mercy heard the prayers of the believers and had com­passion on my soul and delivered me from the pernicious hell fire. Even though there was no hope for my survival, according to the doctors, the unwavering faith of the prayer squad resulted in God giving me back my life. After a two month  Hospital stay, I was discharged with my wounds healed complete

It took a life threatening accident to make me understand that the battle for your soul is very real. My dreams during the coma made me experience the horrible hell to which those without Jesus Christ are destined. All my life I had considered worldly pleasures and luxurious living as the only real things to strive after. But my agonizing Journey through the valley of death helped me to com­prehend that there is a life after death and it shall be a miserable and horrid hell if one is without Jesus Christ. The glory and wealth of this world will leave in a matter of seconds, but the peace and joy of God will be with us forever. This truth com­pelled me to surrender my life to Jesus Christ. I accepted him as my Lord and Savior. In gratitude, for the miraculous restoration, of my life. I identified myself with the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ through water baptism.

Battle of your Soul ;

Every soul encounters a great spiritual battle in life. Have you thought of the inevitable consequences of a self-centered life and the irreparable loss of a soul destined for hell throughout eternity. Most people have been blinded by Satan and the world and they are asleep to the realities of eternal life. Many are deceived by Satan with religious customs and following their own traditions are sub­stitute routes to heaven. Do you think that their sincerity can ever lead them to eternal happiness or are they really mistaken? Jesus said “What shall it profit a man if he gain the whole world and lose his own soul?” if you are not sure of the destiny of your soul you can end up in hell – an eternity of torment as many others ex­perienced on their deathbed. Are you ready to pass over the threshold of time and enter eternity?

Where will you spend your eternity? Heaven or hell?

To gain the victory which will lead you to your heavenly home, you must come to Jesus who came to this world to save sinners. “God commands all men everywhere to repent” (Act 17:30)

Your Life is secured in His Hands

My friend, if you are yet without Christ in your heart; if your past deeds condemn you; if you have not experienced the new birth; do not rest at ease. Please repent of your sinful ways and come to Jesus as you are, “Now is the accepted time: behold now is the day of salvation” (I Cor 6:2) The compassionate and loving God is always ready to accept you, no matter how horrible your sins are or how insurmountable your problems are, the gracious Savior is always ready to forgive you and wants to give you eternal life which “no man can take away.”

Dear friend, you have a choice; victory or defeat; heaven or hell; the living God or the deceiving Devil; a joyous and glorious eternity or endless woe and torment. Choose this day that you will serve”(Josh 24:15). Oh, do choose the Lord Jesus now! The truth is in the word of God, the Bible. Christ return is nearer than ever. Do not m iss it for the world. My humble prayer and request is that you will be saved and be ready for His Glorious Return

With God Nothing shall be impossible”      Luke 1:37